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Liberica coffee, a.k.a. "the other coffee species," is a specialty of the Philippines. Liberica coffee has a natural sweetness and about 25% less caffeine than arabica coffee. Our partners in Southern Luzon (the main island of the Philippines) pride themselves on producing an excellent, unique cup of this rare coffee species through the best harvesting and processing practices.  


Liberica coffee, known locally as barako, is unlike any coffee you’ve tasted before. Its most distinctive cup characteristics include a strong, fruity aroma and a super creamy mouthfeel. Flavor notes include jackfruit, banana, peanuts & chocolate. 


The Lipa Coffee Growers Association is a group of more than 300 smallholding farmers who work together to grow, harvest & process specialty liberica coffee. Available in 4 oz. and 12 oz. bags. 


Producer:  Lipa Coffee Growers Association


Region:  Lipa, Batangas


Species:  Coffea liberica


Processing:  Natural process


Tasting Notes:  Jackfruit, banana, peanuts, dark chocolate


Elevation:  300-900 masl


Harvest:  November - April


Social benefits:   

  • Supports smallholding farmers
  • Supports cooperative development
  • Revitalizes rural livelihoods



Request grinding in Order Notes.

Philippines Liberica Coffee (Kapeng Barako). Light OR Dark Roast

PriceFrom $10.50
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