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Explore three unique coffees grown by the indigenous communities of the Cordillera Mountains in the Northern Philipipnes:


Atok Arabica Bourbon Washed

Kalinga Robusta Natural

7th Place Best of Philippines Arabica Microlot 


12 oz. bags. Dark Roast Coffee. FREE shipping included.


Coffee has been cultivated via backyard coffee production in the Cordillera Mountains since 1875. Farmers today are scaling their production as they realize real benefits from the specialty coffee market.


Region:  Cordillera Mountains


Process:  Washed & Natural


Elevation: 900 - 1765 masl


Harvest: December - May


Social benefits:  Supports indigenous, smallholding farmer cooperative





Northern Philippines Trio Set. Cordillera Mts. Smallholder-made, direct-trade

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