A government coffee planting project years ago mistakenly used robusta, instead of arabica. This mishap turns out to be a new discovery of how pleasantly flavorful robusta can be when grown in this special mix of conditions. Cultivated at 1200+ masl, a much higher elevation than usual for robusta, these beans ripened at a slower rate, yielding a complex, smooth flavors. Grown & processed by smallholder farmers working in cooperatives.


Region:  Kalinga, Cordillera Mountains


Process:  Washed or natural -- specify preference in Order Notes


Elevation:  1000+ masl


Harvest:  November - April


Social benefits:  Supports smallholding farmers, supports cooperative development


Availability:  25 sacks (60 kilos each)


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Philippines High Grown Premium Robusta. Kalinga, Cordillera Mtns. Co-op grown

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