Geisha fans & newcomers alike are in for a treat! Unique tasting coffee... Light body, full flavor. Bright floral & jasmine dance on the tongue. Smooth, vanishing aftertaste. Single estate specialty coffee. Grown & processed by Mena brothers (6th generation coffee farmers) on the award-winning Finca Villa España farm.


Variety:  Geisha


Process:  Natural


Roast:  Medium


Farmer:  Mena Family - Alimsa Cafe (6th generation family farm)


Farm:  Finca Villa Espana 


Region:  Ataco, El Salvador


Elevation:  1240 meters above sea level 


Soil type:  Clay loam


Tasting notes:  Floral, bright, jasmine, light aftertaste


El Salvador Geisha Natural - Medium roast

PriceFrom $20.50