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Did you know Philippines one of the only countries to grow 4 types of coffee?! With numerous microclimates of the 7,000 island nation, Philippines yields the most interesting & varied flavor profiles. Philippine specialty coffee is a rare delicacy in the U.S. 


Enjoy the freshest rotation of Philippine coffees, based on seasonal availability. 


Bag Size:  12 oz. 


Current rotation includes: 


Batangas Liberica Barako Coffee

Kalinga Premium Robusta Coffee

Mt. Apo Catimor Honey - 4th Place Arabica Coffee*

Benguet Bourbon Washed - 7th Place Arabica Coffee*

Philippines Mt. Apo 

Washed Up (Philippines Mt. Apo Washed Process)

Philippines Honey (Honey-process coffee)

Cordillera Bourbon Coffee

Cordillera Typica Coffee*


Plus rare microlots, based on availability.


Shipping is FREE with subscriptions.


Coffees grown and produced by smallholder farmers working together in cooperatives. 


*Woman-produced coffee

Philippines Subscription

Price Options
Weekly Subscription
$27.00every week until canceled
Monthly Subscription
Discover direct trade coffee of the world
$27.00every month until canceled
3 month subscription
$27.00every month for 3 months
6 month subscription
Makes a great gift!
$27.00every month for 6 months
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