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Several coffees from this women-run coffee cooperative in Southern Philippines consistently top the list in national quality competitions. This year was no exception with this group claiming 4 spots in the top 6, including #1!


This excellent lot is grown by an association of nearly 200 smallholding farmers, including several of the nation's top farmer leaders, realizing and spreading the benefits of specialty coffee cultivation.  This coffee is honey processed catimor varietal.


Region:  Davao del Sur


Variety:  Catimor


Process:  Honey 


Elevation:  1400 masl


Social benefits:  Supports women farmers, supports smallholding farmers, supports cooperative development



12 oz. bags.


Catimor is a high-yielding, disease-resistant coffee variety, often cultivated in Africa.


Philippines Honey Specialty Arabica. Medium Roast. Catimor Honey.

PriceFrom $25.00
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