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Coffee grown by the indigenous communities of the Cordillera Mountains in the Northern Philipipnes is finally able to be enjoyed by U.S. coffee lovers with improved infrastructure that connects this region to the rest of the nation's development. Coffee lovers laud it for its sweetness and notes of walnut, orange & spice.


This lot is grown by a cooperative of 270+ smallholding farmers in the highest elevation in the Philippines. The local culture's practice is that each married couple must plant a coffee tree for a blessed life together, so coffee is really in their roots!


Region:  Benguet, Cordillera Mountains


Varieties:  Bourbon, Typica


Process:  Washed


Elevation: 1400 - 1765 masl


Harvest: December - May


Flavor notes:  Sweet orange, toasted nuts, cinnamon, berries


Social benefits:  Supports indigenous, smallholding farmer cooperative




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Bourbon coffee varietals originated from Yemen and was transported to La Reunion by French missionaries in the early 1700s. For 150 years, bourbon was cultivated exclusively on this island in the Indian Ocean. In the mid-1800s, as colonial aspirations heightened, the plant made it's way to Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific. Caturra coffee varietal is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety which was then breed in Brazil to select the best-performing plants and propogate their seeds in the early 1900s.



Northern Philippines Washed Bourbon Green Coffee Beans. Cordillera Mountains.

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