Farmers of the Lumad tribes on Mt. Apo work together to grow & harvest these cherries. In 2018, they formed BATAFAMA Cooperative to organize their efforts & have been producing excellent coffees in collaboration with Paramount Coffee Mill. Mt. Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines and sacred tribal lands for these farmers, producing exquisite flavor in a cup grown from the heart.

These beans are processed anaerobic naturals. Freshly harvested cherries are fermented for 5 days in polybags which are then dried (cherry intact) on

raised beds. Delicious sweet & complex flavor.


Flavor notes: Plum, dark berries, red apple

Region: Mt. Apo

Processing: Natural

Elevation: 1300+ masl

Harvest: December - May

Social benefits: Supports smallholding farmers, supports cooperative developmen, supports indigenous farmers

Availability: 50 sacks (60 kilos each)

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Philippines Mt. Apo Natural. BATAFAMA Coop.

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