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11 Features & Little-known Facts about Liberica Coffee Trees

Nestled in tropical forests, a gigantic coffee tree species bears unique fruits yielding a coffee cup with notes of banana, peanut, jackfruit amidst a sweet cream mouthfeel. Meet liberica... Earth's third most productive coffee species (after arabica and canephora).


Liberica coffee is characterized by its large, almond-shaped beans, sweetness, fruity notes & creamy mouthfeel. 

  • Liberica is a hearty tree -- resistant to many pests & coffee rust, able to thrive in different soils, cultivated in lower altitudes & at higher temperatures. 

  • Cherries have a thick pulp/mucilage layer and higher sugar content, yielding natural sweetness. Complex amino acid composition produces unique flavor & aroma compounds. Higher fat content yields creamy mouthfeel.

  • 24% less caffeine concentration than arabica (1.23g vs. 1.61g caffeine/100g coffee )

  • Beans may have yellowish brown to lemon yellow to light green coloration. 


  • Did you know there are 125+ coffee species? Arabica, canephora & liberica are three of them.

  • Liberica has more antioxidants than arabica or robusta.

  • Liberica accounts for 2% of global coffee production.

  • Liberica production is in decline. However there is a growing effort to save the species in the Philippines and with roasters & consumers abroad. 

  • Liberica trees take 5 years to mature & bear fruit, longer than arabica or robusta. Liberica trees yield ⅓ of the fruit, compared to harvest of arabica trees. These factors contribute to its high production cost.

  • Liberica trees grow to 60 feet tall! These trees require special tools for pruning & harvesting. They also require more space for planting than other coffee trees.

  • While Liberica was first discovered in West Africa, Philippines is now the leading producer accounting for 70% of global Liberica production.

Experience Liberica coffee yourself! Roast your own or brew our roasted Liberica "barako" beans, now available in Light or Dark roasts.

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